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Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
Chinese moped trike with roof
That's a two-wheeler, and it doesn't have 2-seats either. 3-wheelers are more stable and allow to carry more people, and cargo. Two-wheelers (like bikes) are fine for plain home-work trips, and just 1 person then needs to be carried. However, a bike is something everyone has and adding just a fairing will be very cheap. Buying a completely new vehicle for this seems cost-ineffective, unless it too is relatively cheap and essential (distance between home-work being too great). The idea is thus that this vehicle would be combined with a larger regular vehicle (tuktuk) ie for shopping, transporting passengers, ...

A cheap motorcycle with fairings (or integrated full cabin as shown on the image) would do for this. Which brands do you think are best ? There's a lot of publicity being made for the Daymak Beast standard (2700$) and it should be fittable with a fairing but I'm not sure whether this is the most appropriate. I'm also wondering whether motorized kick scooters could be fitted with a fairing (because at the back there's no metal rod -from a seat- on which a fairing can be attached) If possible, they would be the cheapest option though (ie the glion costs just 600$ and has a range of 15 miles, the ecoreco has a range of 40 miles (!) and attains 20 mph (sold for 800$). The momas and mijia are somewhere in the middle (20 mph/20 mile range, 900$ and 15 mph/18 mile range 375$ respectively. The minizum and zum costs 1250$, reaches 19-21 mph, and has a range of 20 miles. For links, see

That vehicle is called the "Arcimoto SRK". Too costly (11900$)
Also, doesn't have sufficient cargo space (tuktuks do have that and are way cheaper). Cargo space is important as cars are also used to carry food/drinks from supermarkets to the home.

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Toyota i-road
Yes, could be a suitable vehicle, but just a concept car (not commercially available). Not sure on price, cargo space, ...
I found another concept vehicle that is also notable: the Schaeffler bio-hybrid. Same thing here though: no info available, and obviously not yet sold commercially. Another concept is the Grant Sinclair Iris e-trike.

Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Electric drive Two wheeled vehicles will offer the highest personal traffic and parking density
True, but they don't offer the benefits of 3-wheelers (see above). Also, in that image you showed, all people in there are breaking the law.

There are a few e-tuktuk's being sold here in Europe (see here and here) so those seem most appropriate. The Terra Motors tuktuk seems (design-wise) even better (less than 1m wide, whereas most tuktuks are 1,1-1,3m wide), but I'm not sure what the price is. Also, I prefer one that has a gasoline engine -on biofuel- (not electric).

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