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That's a very instructive set of pictures.

I'm looking for a similarity to T-150 C-pillar 'turning vanes' in vain. Maybe it's because of the open suicide half-door. When I think of flying butter-arses, it's the modern Ford GT40, the VW Golf GTI650-W12 or, for pickups, the Yamaha Cross Hub

Back to the pictures: 'Cowl induction' hood, the rooftop vortexes start at the windshield (!), the flattening of the flow aft of the gully between the rear fender flare and fence formed by the side trim, The snowballs on the wheels, the effect of the rear view mirrors. On and on.... Icicles on the tail-lights?

I've been reading about aircrete. It is Portland cement mixed with a 200:1 mixture of water and Dawn dishwashing soap, and a bubble size around 10 microns. One could bury a car in a mound of the stuff (a stiff mixture, with a touch of white glue) parked behind a tubojet like the ones they use to blow out oilwell fires.

A sacriifcial body to make a male mold? But the stuff floats on water, maybe hollow it out with an air tool and paint it?
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