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hopefully, redpoint5 will answer in turn.
I have heard women ranting about being in love...
With me it's more them making a point early on about their boyfriend/husband(/father /jk).

Then there's the joke where the atheist tells the Christian he has an off-by-one error.

Personally, I had a good laugh when people forsook Myspace and Rupert Murdoch for Facespook and the sociopath. I still visit news aggregators daily. The originals, Slashdot, Boing Boing, Drew Curtis' If there is a middle ground between social media and news aggregators, it's forums like Ecomodder, Reddit, 4chan, ....

Need cheering up? Here's a rebuttal to Bob Lutz:
The researchers studied three basic scenarios. In one, autonomous vehicles get on the road when they’re just a bit better than the average human driver, about 10 percent safer. In another, AVs hit the streets later, when they’re 75 percent safer. In the third, AVs arrive when they’re nearly perfect, 90 percent better than human drivers. They found that, generally, the 10 percent safer scenario will save more human lives, faster—as many as 3,000 a year.
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