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Originally Posted by Natalya View Post
Cars aren't desirable or sexy anymore, driving isn't a mystical freedom-giving experience, no one likes being on the road, everyone is stuck in traffic because they work the same hours and drive at the same time, insurance is too expensive, car payments are too high.
No wonder many people are turning to either motorcycles or Uber. Anyway, for most of what I do I don't actually need a car, and could do some of the longer haul comfortably with a scooter or a small tricycle.

Also most modern cars are ugly and boring utilitarian ****boxes with no soul.
Most modern cars are ugly and boring appliance-cars because they're the only ones most people can afford, especially considering many folks keep a car for shorter than it used to be common decades ago. You know, they need to get a newer one more frequently, so they might fool their neighbors into thinking they're comfortable on money.

"But I need 7 cupholders and 7 USB chargers and 7 seats so my family can play Nintendo games on their iPad while yelling at eachother about Kim Kardashian."
And how many of those 7-seaters you see roaming around nearly empty?
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