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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
We should let hamsterpower comment, but 'fixed gear' is not the same thing as a freewheeling hub and coaster brake. No coasting.
Freebeard is correct, a fixed gear bicycle does not coast at all. when you pedal forward the drive wheel turns forward, when you pedal backward the drive wheel turns backward. To brake one has to either do a little hop and lock the pedals in turn locking the drive wheel or apply negative pressure to the pedals which adds drag and slows without skidding. Many fixed gear bicycles have a traditional hand brake on the front wheel for emergency stopping. That negative pressure is a much different workout than one usually gets on a coasting bicycle.
I personally enjoy the pureness or oneness with my fixed gear bicycle. I find it more like walking. Pedal faster go faster, pedal slower the bike slows immediately.
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