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little jona - '91 Dodge D 250 first gen cummins LE
Team Streamliner
90 day: 23.4 mpg (US)

Little Jona airo modded - '91 Dodge RAM 3/4 TON D 250 24 AUTO
Team Cummins
90 day: 18.5 mpg (US)

The Salted Hound Jenny. - '87 Dodge Ram 50/D-50 5sp 4X4
90 day: 20.24 mpg (US)

Jona Allison aero - '91 Dodge Ram D-250 Le
90 day: 20.63 mpg (US)
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The long road to Bonneville, goals are 40mpg useable pickup in the 150 club

This all started in 2013 when my cousin sugested theres a pile of steel and that I build one of my Ideas . It became the "Aero Tonto".

So thank you Brent for pushing me to just peek. Now my eyes can see.
I was sponsored @Darco by Aerohead. Then we went to Bonneville to see the eye candy. I fell in love. And decided last minute to run. Knowing that my truck hits the governor at less than 100 and my tires are only rated for 106mph. I hit 87.14mph on the standing mile. @ 2500rpm . It took almost an hour to figur out what class I'd run in ,they finaly decided on T (time only open class). With a call to the rules people it was established that my Aero Tonto alone, any mod above the bed rail puts me in the UDT(Unlimited Diesel Truck)class. Full aero package less cap is MDT(Modified Diesel Truck. And 0 aero is DT(Diesel Truck) records for my size motor are; UDT 272.685MPH, MDT228.804MPH, DT215.091 MPH. The piece that confuse the inspectors is the rule specify 14500 GVW/race weight minimum in anything except for DT

Stock 16-22.6mpg avg 18 3k mi
Aero Tonto 18-29.3 avg 24 over 100k mi
Not raging on those that do but 0% EOC (not safe)
DWL (inclueds most of the conserve momentum tips. It just how you learn to drive when living in the mountains)
Drive by Vav/boost /EGT gage its amasing what a 25f change in EGT can do.

This is an ambitious long turm multi step process. With self imposed restrictions.
Truck must
1 be street legal
2. Be able to carrie 1Cord of Green Oak in the bed with all mods in place.(CDF definition is 3000lbs)
3. Tow 10k lbs 1k mi
4. Be returnable to stock ,except hood.
5. Sealed IP till after HP/aero adds up to 130 club
Step 1.
Aero package up to 40mpg. Stock tune(factory sealed macanical injection pump (IP))
Custom Quickchange extreemliner differential (QC)this allows mixing and matching from 1.2:1 - 5.11:1 takes >15min to swap gears Carrie three sets of gear race, daily driver, tow heavy.
This is custom because Winters the QC manufacturer has stated that the diff can handle my power/tork(could end up over 1500ftlb), however, not the weight. The QC only uses ford 9" axle/ berings I need a full floating axle to meat my restrictions.(weight)
At this point I'll return to Bonneville. Qualify 130mph club, 150club. One theory is , with the right aero package its 1hp /1mph. So 160 is plausible if I get the aero right, and if I'm lucky 175+ to get to the big track,With a stock sealed IP
3 strip it down and run for an ABA test (sealed )
4 reassemble A run
5 release the Kraken start turning the screws on the pump( tuneing for power) and see how far she will go with 300+HP, this is conservative number as this motor is capable of 400HP on the cheep at the expence of longevity. The costly part is making it reliable.
6 run the full aero +tune +street gears for improved mpg. Hopes are for 1-10%gain over aero/gear only

Sorry no pictures the sight is not allowing at this time.

To those that dont like WOT this is not a thred for you sorry context in too important.

1st gen cummins 91.5 dodge d250 ,HX35W/12
ehxsost manafulld wrap, Aero Tonto
best tank: distance 649gps mi 24.04 mpg 27.011usg
Best mpg : 29.3mpg 97mi 3.311usg 7/27/16

'83 GMC S-15 Jimmy 2door 2wd O/D auto 3.73R&P
'79 Chevy K20 4X4 350ci 400hp msd custom th400 /np205. 7.5-new 14mpg modded befor modding was a thing
87' Hyundai Excel
83 ranger w/87 2.9 L FI2wd auto 18mpg on the floor
04 Mitsubishi Gallant 2.4L auto 26mpg
06 Subaru Forrester XT(WRX PACKAGE) MT AWD Turbocharged 18 plying dirty best of 26mpg@70mph
95Chevy Blazer 4x4 auto 14-18mpg
04 Chevy Blazer 4x4 auto 16-22mpg

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