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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
You may be right, but cars replaced horses on the streets of New York City in 10 years. ...and people weren't in such a hurry then.
Every EV semi like vehicle on the road today travels less than 10 miles from its base.

Every offering more or less appeals to companies moving around “stuff” on campus or between a production point and a depo or shipper.

Many ev semis move trailers around a yard.

OTR EV semis like the ones that drive coast to coast are very unlikely and won’t have volume for decades if at all.

This is why I don’t think the starship and an EV semi are really in any sort of competition

I think the Starships competition is the fact that many OTR operators don’t care as much about fuel use due to its lowish price.

Indeed, many operators will sacrifice economy for speed and payload due to labor cost.

Autonomous is irrelevant for many years, more and more makers are finding “auto” self driving vehicles belong in a closed area and really need infrastructure changes to be less painful
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