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Good luck! Are you planning for 2018?

I was driven to Bonneville two years ago, and I told my son and his friend Nick (a manager at Boeing) I would get myself there next year and be on a pit crew in 2-5 years. Last year I watched Nick do a 164mph run on his Ducati. This year he drove someone else's motorcycle at the 14000ft salt flat in Bolivia. I'm hoping I can get him for a driver.

They confirm my reservation number for an Arcimoto FUV comes up in 2nd quarter 2018. I can cover the base price (bye bye Superbeetle) and I'm hoping they see the logic in sponsoring a Fun Utility Vehicle run at America's Playground.

Maybe they can sponsor me to the extent of doors.

I'm thinking stock, except for replacing the 145-65/15s with 155-50'19s (from the BMW i3) for longer legged gearing, and a two foot boat tail.
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