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Originally Posted by wagonman76 View Post
I think the absorption principle would be a great idea. Like what is used in camper fridges. It uses no evergy except for a heating element to boil a fluid which cools the air inside the fridge and the freezer works well too. Set up the coils inside the car and divert some exhaust heat to boil the fluid. Ive also thought for a long time that this would work well for home cooling too, use the sun to boil the fluid and the hotter the sun beats down, the cooler it gets in the house.
My partner in crime is a boiler operator and baby sits a natural gas-fired turbine-generator(5-MW),which utilizes waste heat to operate absorption cycle chillers for space cooling.The system uses Lithium Bromide as the working medium,and I understand that it will operate at temps as low as 210-degree F.
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