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Junk on the front...

Hi guys and gals. Been a while since I've been on, just been enjoying a pretty steady mid-30s mpg out of my wagon and haven't been doing much continuous modding.

My question is for aero impact of equipment hanging off the front end. I'm thinking of strapping an LED light bar to my front grill but wonder what kind of impact I could have. The Focus grill is set back a little from the very front of the car so the light bar could possibly catch wind that is coming up from the front and to ultimately pass over the hood. My upper grill where the bar would go is blocked 100% already. Would this catch air and add drag or is the front of the car so turbulent that it would be minimal? My other thought is center of the hood back by the windshield, driving in the snow seems that this is a dead spot and could work as a mounting location.

The bar is 21.5" long, 2 rows of 20 LEDs and about 4" deep.



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