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It's an exciting book to write.

Jaguar's chief aerodynamicist has been very helpful with providing me with material. F1 aerodynamicist Willem Toet has been commenting on some paras, and my technical editor/consultant RH Barnard is just about to get the first chapter to give me feedback on.

These are the chapter headings:

Chapter 1 Theory
Chapter 2 Aerodynamic vehicles
Chapter 3 Flow visualisation
Chapter 4 Pressure measurement
Chapter 5 Noise measurement
Chapter 6 Measuring drag and lift
Chapter 7 Reducing drag
Chapter 8 Reducing lift and increasing stability
Chapter 9 Improving flow through heat exchangers
Chapter 10 Engine intakes
Chapter 11 Reducing aerodynamic noise

As far as I know, it will be the only major aero book aimed at normal people modifying road cars.
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