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From the offering circular:

The three-wheeled vehicle is designed to have the same standard comfort and functional features customers have come to expect in modern motor vehicles: air conditioning, heat, AM/FM stereo, power windows, power door lock, airbags, auxiliary port(s), anti-lock brakes, and traction control. We intend to offer additional optional luxury features such as leather seats, rear wheel drive, upgraded battery options for further range, and various exterior body aesthetic add-ons. As currently contemplated, further specifications include:

● Rear wheel drive with wheel hub motor
● Lithium Ion battery 0 to 60 Mph in 5-8 seconds
● Charge with standard 110V or 240V (2X charge)
● Three battery range options: 50, 100, and 200 miles
● Five color options: White, Black, Blue, Silver or Red
● Driver and passenger airbags
● Touch screen tablet monitor
● Push button start

Engineering and Development

Our development process comprises seven stages:

● Concept Design
● Engineering Analysis
● Detailed Design and Initial Prototype
● Production Prototype
● Design Validation and Testing
● Production Tooling
● Manufacturing
They state they are on the third phase.

we are currently exploring bids and investigating options to contract with high quality manufacturers already equipped to produce a majority of the vehicle parts, and assemble our vehicles. In addition, while we are designing and will have specially manufactured several key components including our proprietary wheel hub motor, in order to reduce development costs, we intend to use certain parts that already exist, rather than designing all new parts.
We intend to sell Model SONDORS primarily online. Our distribution model is designed to enable customers to choose specific options for their vehicles at the point-of-sale. Customers can then select from an extensive list of add-ons to customize their vehicles, and ultimately have the vehicle delivered directly to their home.
For individuals who prefer to see the car in person before making a purchase, our longer term vision includes having information centers staffed with personnel who can answer questions, provide test drives, and assist in the purchasing process.
We intend to provide customer service and technical support for our electric vehicles. Because of the simplicity of the vehicle’s design, we believe some customers may elect to do their own maintenance and repair. In these cases, we intend to deliver parts directly to the customer and provide detailed maintenance and repair instructions. We intend to design the vehicle so the average consumer can replace many components within minutes. In certain areas, our plan is to enlist a service team of mobile technicians capable of performing most inspections and repairs on demand.
We currently have no employees.

We use a team of approximately 15 engineers and designers who are independent contractors, and who under the direction of our CEO, are creating the designs for Model SONDORS. We also currently have a team of approximately 4 independent contractors who are performing marketing, public relations and advertising services.
We face strong competition from [...] new entrants into the market such as Elio Motors.
[de-emphasis added]

"We do not currently intend to offer any form of direct financing on our vehicles."

"We are seeking $19,999,998 in funding"

They anticipate producing in April 2019.
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