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VX owner needs help. RPM is incorrect.

After driving back from Buffalo last night, I noticed during hill climbing, my car takes a while to get out of lean burn. It usually gets out at 1-3 seconds but while the pedal is still depressed it won't accelerate at all. I had to release the pedal and applied it again. This was doing 65MPH going uphill accelerating on 5th.

Earlier while driving my car, I also noticed the RPM drop to 0 every times I press the clutch in. And when accelerating, the rpm seems laggy. SIL goes on at 1000-1600rpm 1-4 gears. Don't know if this was the reason affecting my mileage last night but I'm hoping to get it fix. Also during idle, the needle will be resting at 0.

Any answer to this problem?

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