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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Supposedly, meat is an expensive part of one's diet...
My wife just bought brussel sprouts at $4/lb. That is steak territory. Fresh fruits and vegetables are ridiculously priced.

I am not mean to animals...
Farming meat from animals doesn't have to involve cruelty. They don't comprehend life and death like we do, so they don't experience terror like we would. The animals are generally slaughtered quickly.

"Everyone seems to be trying to reduce gluten intake."...
The reason to avoid gluten is celiac disease. If you don't have it, then there is no reason to avoid gluten. If the disease is on the rise, it's probably due to the same reason the whole species has gotten weaker over time; medicine that compensates for genetic liabilities.

Dr. Body Spray recommends... natto
Natto? Are you freaking kidding me? The name itself says natto eat it. So far, I've taken it's advice.

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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Do you eat your meat plain? Some people claim you do not enjoy the taste of meat, but instead the flavoring.

I love carne asada... and getting caught in the rain.

I will pass on tofu asado, though.
Meat is full of flavor if you get the right cuts. A good marbled steak needs nothing, but is enhanced by a little salt, pepper, and perhaps some grilled mushrooms. Sure, chicken lacks flavor, but that's why the Good Lord gave us The Colonel.

Do you eat meat with pina coladas?

Oh, and my vote is soy. I'm not sure how solid the research is, but I've heard certain soy proteins encourage the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

... and most of the vegetarians I have known are overweight. Potato chips are vegetarian.
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