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Hi dcb,
Thanks for the reply. Would it be possible to use the 0.05v signal to switch a 5v feed on the board? I'm not really knowledgeable in the area of electronics but from what I do know and what I've gathered from google I assume I need a transistor of some sort on the input.

I'm aware that the MPGuino is not yet working on mechanical diesels but someone has to go first . I was planning to go down the twin flow transducer route (the units from and then modifying the code to suit. I thought this route would be good as it will also allow the unit to work on turbo diesels for which TPS and RPM does not provide enough info.

If you'd like to give the TPS/RPM route a try, my car is factory fitted with a Tachometer and I am sure I can locate a TPS. I also had a fish around for information about using piezoelectric film for injection detection, I came across one patent but I'm not sure whether it would provide injection duration information or how well it would work in a high-vibration environment.

I've always wanted a gauge like this, thank-you for making the circuit and code available to all!

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