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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Do you eat your meat plain? .
Do you eat your bread untoasted with nothing on it?

I like to think of bread as a butter carrier, I like the topping not the bread.

Meat if cooked properly over charcoal with some apple/cherry/hickory chips thrown in does not even require salt, charred outside , raw inside.

But I like salt and pepper (at a minimum) on all my foods veggies need butter, but the above requires very little of either.

Personally though I do not agree with beef production or pricing in the US.
Beef should be very expensive.

Goats, sheep, rabbits, chicken, carp and invertebrates with occasional game like elk , venison and fish should be the meat sourced here.

But old racism believing the old poor untaught ethnic farmers were the only ones to grow geese, sheep and goats has traveled with us over a hundred years to make it so mericans are huge prudes that can’t eat anything beyond beef.

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