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I regularly eat meat and bread without additional flavoring, or will put carne asada or steak seasoning on meat, vegetables, or whatever. I need to see if Costco still has rasperry chipotle sauce, I used to put that on everything from pancakes to steaks.

I just watched this video:

Unfortunately, win10 has hijacked my laptop for the foreseeable future, so I watched that at 1x on my phone. He indicates that making tofurkey was easier than hunting a turkey (and probably removing the feathers, etc.), but he ended up with something far smaller. He also lived as a vegan for a couple of weeks and felt surprised how easy it was to do, but felt vasty disappointed when he attempted to satisfy cravings with pseudo meat. He liked the tofurkey, but said he was not sure he would eat it instead of turkey.

He said he was happy his diet was over and he could return to "real food."

The comments were cancer.

I was surprised that seitan was a main ingredient of tofurkey. I wondered about The King of Random (or his substitute Nate) using his chicken mold with seitan, but that definitely would not be vegan...

I remember mentioning aquaponics to my then-girlfriend and she said "You mean hydroponics." I never understand people saying "You mean..."

They are never right. When I said I always wanted to try a flamethrower on snow I did not mean a snowblower!


Yeah, it turns out that flameflowers are completely ineffective on snow.


Anyway, since I learned of aquaponics several years ago I have wanted my own setup. My Army friend in Oregon used to have one. Perhaps I could take my niece there. I made an attempt to visit my friend when we took a trip up there recently, but then I saw my niece, and I wanted as much time with her as possible.

I passed up on an opportunitity to see my nephews, niece, and other family to spend time with the 90% vegan.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.
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