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Is the 3rd-gen Trafic really that big? I'm only used to the 1st generation which had been made in Argentina until 2002, and I still see some roaming around. European and Japanese vans tend to be at least slightly narrower on the outside than the full-size American ones.

Originally Posted by jcp123 View Post
Vans are great. I had a Dodge conversion van, total overkill for a single guy, but for traditional SUV FE, it just offered more usability.
Yes, a full-size American van is quite overkill, but I bet a conversion van would still fare better than an SUV during road trips, since they usually get some amenities that you wouldn't fit so easily into an SUV.

minivans have gotten so heavy (almost 5000lb curb weight for our Town + Country)
Sometimes it seems like the 'mini' was taken out of them. That's why recently I got into those forward-control Japanese vans (and their Korean licensed copies) again. Even the bonnetted ones are quite closer to the original definition of a minivan than the current oversized Chryslers.

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