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Originally Posted by sendler View Post
Reducing beef and pork in the diet and subsituting plant based protein from beans is the number 1 thing anyone can do to become less energy intensive and more sustainable. More than putting new windows on an old house or driving an eco car.
Wait a minute... You mean no more barbecue, feijoada and acarajÚ? What's wrong with you?

Ocean fishery stocks have crashed to dangerous levels so they are ecologically very costly also. It takes 7 years for a tuna to reach sexual maturity.
I have never even eaten tuna. I'm more used to white fish that has a shorter life cycle, and most of the fish I regularly eat has been actually farm-grown, instead of catched in the ocean or rivers.

Chickens and eggs grow quickly so are much more efficient to farm and they probably aren't too aware that they are enslaved.
Chicken is not out of question, and it is quite easy to raise and eventually integrate with some crops. I've already considered to try building a "chicken tractor" in the farm of a cousin, but I haven't gone there so often.
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