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Mpguino acting weird

Ok, so I had the mpguino working the other day straight wiring everything together, so today I put all the components on board to rewire it.

Now it doesn't work

1. Would putting the led in wrong cause this (doubtful, I shorted it to test it anyway)

2. Has anyone seen there screen do this before
After turning it on, the screen stays blank for a couple of seconds, then the top row of characters displays all 16 boxes, then I can see that the screen is updating really fast but not showing anything.

3. Did I burn something out during my soldering? (I don't think I did)

What could have shorted to make this happen?

I'm going to check over my component board and wiring again, but I was wondering if anyone has had this happen before

Sorry, yeah I going to recheck my wiring right now, but I want to get some other opinions in case everything still looks right.

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