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"Super scared" seems like a drastic overstatement, thus suggesting this article is clickbait.
The 1,000 people polled were almost equally split on whether they were comfortable sharing the road with autonomous vehicles, with 42 percent generally OK with it and 41 percent saying they had reservations, AIG said in a statement Tuesday. A plurality of 39 percent said they thought such vehicles would operate more safely than the average driver.

Uncomfortable ≠ super scared.

"It was a short article and nothing else stood out to me. In the comments: Americans are just super scared of everything right now. I have to travel overseas for my job and I do get asked why so many Americans seem so scared of everything, quite regularly. The only reply I can give them is `I don’t know, I’m Canadian', because I’m too scared to admit to being American right now."
"Your disguise is up, you didn’t apologize."

"To be fair, the auto industry hasn’t exactly nailed implementing security into existing CAN/infotainment systems, so they aren’t inspiring confidence that they’ll get it right for autonomous driving systems either."
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