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Self driving cars as they exist today do things a human driver would not
These things can be dangerous in the presence of real human drivers.

These errors are a form of violating commonly known ediquette by driving in a way human drivers view as irrational (aka common sense)

I believe what we will find is that self driving cars won’t mix well with humans or even “open country roads”

Does this mean they won’t be put on the road anyway ?

Nope, but we probably aren’t going to put out cars quite ready for prime time, we will error proof by making everyone a test driver

As for yellow lights around here they flash like a strobe light,

Just increasing their duration would help,
Also stop and go lights on 45mph+ highways suck, putting a stop and go light on a 65mph highway is poor road design and causes accidents ,
If that practice were illegal and such intersections were properly designed we might have fewer accidents.
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