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Self driving cars need special infrastructure and need to be the only type of car on the road to be tolerable as a 4 season car.

They are incompatible with other human drivers on the road, I do not believe that will change.

They are less efficient in most circumstances than a human pilotted car

The original reason for autonomous to be spearheaded was due to government community planning intentions,

There is a desire to reduce speed, regulate engine size and traffic patterns centrally and it was the only reason these systems started consideration years ago,
Expect far future cars to be equipped with amotor just big enough to go 50mph

Inevitably the car will become appliance like, car ownership will become rather mundane with driving aspects removed meaning car ownership may become a moot point.

Why own something that is pretty much the same as every other one?

The real issue is autonomous cars donít handle off paved road work like moving trailers or farm work, I donít think it ever will be worthwhile to autonomize that aspect of driving.
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