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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
I think there are several huge hurdles to overcome, before it has a chance of becoming a reality:

Technical complexity-

I think it will take a massive leap in computing power (quantum computing?) in order to overcome the massive job if first gathering ALL the data, and then figuring out what it is - and then it has to logically "decide" what to do. And then have a redundant back up for all the technical systems.
You don't need "ALL" the data, and besides there is no such thing as all data. You merely need enough data, which will always be a work in progress, but is approaching the as-good-as-human level right now.

Legal liability-

Who / what is responsible for what happens? How do we decide who / what is responsible?
Lawyers, but of course, same way we figure out who is responsible now. Those deviating from the traffic codes will be responsible, and in cases where both parties, or neither party deviates from the code, then they share liability. Insurance will cover inevitable accidents, just as it does now.


We have not even gotten side video mirrors approved for use - how can we possibly approve fully autonomous cars?
Lobbyists. They aren't just slimy scumbags; they're sometimes useful. If corporate profits are at stake, laws will accommodate.

Originally Posted by Xist View Post
Speaking of 640x480 cameras, one help drive an autonomous junk minivan across the country in 1995:

How about laws telling humans how to behave around automatomobiles?
That's about the year my middle school purchased the camera. What once cost $20,000 would now cost $200, and the performance is much improved. That's a 100x improvement in cost reduction, and there is no reason to believe the technology has peaked in price or performance.

Originally Posted by cRiPpLe_rOoStEr View Post
What bothers me the most is how an autonomous vehicle would decide what to do to escape an ambush or a robbery attempt.
As I posted in another thread, along the same line of thinking is an angry mob. This is more likely for me living in the Portland area. If I have the wrong bumper sticker when someone like Trump gets elected, safety is at risk. You need the ability to run people over if they get violent.

I experienced a need to move through a non-violent crowd in Las Vegas once. I needed to turn into a driveway that was constantly crossed by pedestrians, and was blocking the street while waiting. After a couple minutes of no end in site, I crept through at a snail's pace, splitting the sea of people. This was all while being observed by a parked police officer, so I must have had his blessing. An autonomous car would have blocked the street for hours.

Originally Posted by rmay635703 View Post
They are incompatible with other human drivers on the road, I do not believe that will change.

They are less efficient in most circumstances than a human pilotted car

Inevitably the car will become appliance like, car ownership will become rather mundane with driving aspects removed meaning car ownership may become a moot point.

Why own something that is pretty much the same as every other one?

The real issue is autonomous cars don’t handle off paved road work like moving trailers or farm work, I don’t think it ever will be worthwhile to autonomize that aspect of driving.
It begins with assisting the driver with some automation. Then dedicated lanes will be provided for autonomous vehicles, just as HOV lanes have been dedicated. Finally, most major roads will become nearly 100% automated places of travel.

The whole goal is to make driving like an appliance. That's what drives the price down. If people are having excitement while commuting, they are probably breaking laws. Excitement will still be available in designated areas, while commuting traffic will be regulated and efficient.

Automated driving is less efficient than you, but not compared to the average driver.

Off-road and rural routes will be among the last places where automated driving will occur, but there is no reason that a machine would be incapable of eventually performing better than a typical human operator.
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