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"I don’t want an autonomous car. I want a robot butler who can drive a regular car."
Why not an autonomous car and a sexbot? Here's why:

A viable transition to self-driving cars would be to drive the technology forward until the sensor chips do substantial preprocessing (like the human eye) and processing is contained to the vehicle and relies on Near Field Communication to assert a presence in the world. Anarchism in the streets.

What we are getting is a push to get your car onto Facespook. To enhance user safety.


I can see some valid use cases
  • shuttle buses and minibuses
  • flocking long-haul trucks (provided they break ranks for 1 mile prior to an off-ramp for anyone with their [right] turn signal on)
  • pedestrian-friendly sidewalk deliveries
  • augmented driving, where the autonomous part shadows you and only steps in when you are obviously in over your head

What I get from the Jalopnik article is that they were doing lane-keeping, not navigation. Which you can get off the showroom floor today.
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