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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
As I posted in another thread, along the same line of thinking is an angry mob. This is more likely for me living in the Portland area. If I have the wrong bumper sticker when someone like Trump gets elected, safety is at risk. You need the ability to run people over if they get violent.

I experienced a need to move through a non-violent crowd in Las Vegas once. I needed to turn into a driveway that was constantly crossed by pedestrians, and was blocking the street while waiting. After a couple minutes of no end in site, I crept through at a snail's pace, splitting the sea of people. This was all while being observed by a parked police officer, so I must have had his blessing. An autonomous car would have blocked the street for hours.
Those are good reasons why I still believe some sort of semi-autonomous helicopter is more likely to succeed than a car fitted with the same feature, as it sounds easier to escape from a mob. Well, just put some electric-driven landing gear on it for maneuvers in parking lots and it's OK.
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