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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
How does the Prius handle HVAC with the engine off? I understand auto-stop has been around for decades, but even though it was proven to help save the world, nobody wanted their air conditioning shutting off.
IIRC the Prius has an all-electric HVAC.

Other reasons drive-throughs are more prone to violence is that they are open earlier and later than the lobby, criminals are already in their getaway car, and they are often located near freeways and highways.
At least here in Brazil the drive-throughs usually follow the same opening time than the lobby, which can also operate late at night, and even though some might be located near an expressway they're more often found inside the urban perimeter. Well, in a 3rd-world country like this, motorcycles became the most common getaway vehicle for assaulters because they're easier to ride in the space-constrained streets of this former Portuguese colony. No wonder one of the most important police units in a big city are the ROCAM units (ROCAM means something like "ostensive patrols with motorcycles support" in Portuguese) which can easily overcome this issue.
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