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Originally Posted by Fat Charlie View Post
Many examples of institutionalized racism, sexism and otherism are hiding in plain sight. Sometimes they're not explicitly codified, but they can be clearly seen. Sometimes they don't bother to hide it and only give their policies the tiniest of fig leaves in legalese to make it look like something else.
Any good source for an example of a recent case of institutionalized -ism?

Telling me to open my eyes isn't a convincing argument if I'm saying that my eyes are open, and I don't see it. When presented with compelling evidence, I'm very quick to accept it.

Pretending that a societal injury never happened is a lie, and pretending that it doesn't matter because it wasn't "recent" is a more damaging lie. If some remedies that were belatedly and halfheartedly given in the face of vicious opposition haven't corrected the wrongs, does that mean that we were wrong to try or does it just mean that we have more work to do and could use a little less pushback?
I've never even insinuated that societal injury never happened, or that institutionalized "descrimination" did not exist. What I am saying is that the only institutionalized discrimination remaining is in the form of affirmative action type programs (and realize that I could be wrong).

This isn't to say that individuals are not racist, sexist, etc, or that positions of influence aren't occupied by these individuals, only that I am unaware of any written institutional policy that discriminates, or even of conversations where officials are directing their people to discriminate. Perhaps they exist, but I need to know specifically what to be outraged by, not just generally to be outraged. I can't fight an abstract notion of injustice, only specific injustice.

So far, all I have to be outraged by is that some groups of people who are generations removed from injustice are being told they need increasing amounts of "help" at the expense of other groups of people who had nothing to do with the injustice. It isn't helpful to those being told they can't make it without government assistance, and it isn't helpful to the economic contributors to society.

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