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What I'm trying to wrap my head around the last few days is the idea that electrical charge is drawn down from the ionosphere by atmospheric lows and regurgitated from telluric currents by atmospheric highs (unless I have it backward, that being entirely possible).*

While I severely underestimated the investment potential of holding bitcoin, I still don't think it's sustainable. We cannot have transactions that take ever more computational power. Not only is it a waste of energy, it's a waste of time.
Bitcoin as an organic investment was a one-shot deal in early days. Now the leeches are trying to implement Bitcoin futures. It's proven sustainable every time it tanks and rebounds, a Ponze scheme would crash to zero. Equilibrium may be in the range of US$100K. At US$10K a single Satoshi (quantum) is 10.

Understand Bitcoin is a proof-of-concept that escaped into the wild. A [possibly] more mature cryptocurrency is Ethereum. Ether resolve 4x as fast, and currently trade at 1/4 the value, of a Bitcoin. Up 5000% year-on-year.

*(S0 News Dec.4.2017 @ 1:54)
sciencedirect.comoes solar activity affect human happiness?

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