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Originally Posted by Ecky View Post
Yep, it's a MAC.
Do you know what winding it is? 6T? 8T?

My reading suggests that it adds significant drag (and lost efficiency) even in direct drive motors, and geared motors have a lot more in the way of moving parts inside. And anyway, I'm not having any heat problems with 3000w fed only for brief periods. I destroyed my first bearing hitting a pothole at close to 50mph though, and have had issues with the phaserunner. It's not happy with a 5000rpm motor running at both high current and voltage, and it's going to take a lot of tuning to minimize instantaneous phase overcurrent faults.
A direct drive motor can run at much lower rpm. If you have a 26" rear wheel, 388 rpm is 30 mph.

I think if I were to do it again, I might go with something else, maybe an infineon controller. Or, considering how unrealistic it is to pedal at higher speeds, maybe a direct drive motor with the phaserunner.
I like the 1500W Leafbike motor.

With 48V, roughly 90% efficiency at 1kW and 390 rpm in a 26" wheel, the manufacturer's specs having been confirmed by 3rd parties on endless sphere. Without any mods, they can reliably and repeatedly handle short bursts of 4 kW and 1.5kW continuous, but with modification(fans, ducting, ferrofluid, ect), 10 kW peak is possible. It's also very inexpensive at under $300. My only major gripe is that it is 16 lbs of additional rotating mass with which to accelerate while pedaling up to speed should you choose to turn the motor off or run out of battery or for whatever reason need to move it with the motor disabled.

Supposedly, its drag isn't very noticeable when pedaling.
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