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So my tonneau cover is on Order. Wife heard me yammering about tonneau covers and mpg’s. Long story short an Arrocap/Shell is out of the question for me
no drilling in the cab for me,
I don't see much of a way around your [wife's] prejudices.

If you came to us before the fact, we could talk about half-tonneaus, boxed cavities and perforated base plates. Those discussions are now moot.

All we have to work with is a picture of someone else's tonneau cover and a misguided assumption that a 3D flow field can be reduced to a simple 12 angle. By all means go ahead and [just] do it. That would be classed as wake filling. Base pressure is exerted against the rear face irrespective of it's angle, you'll just spread it over a larger area.

Here's is what I would do:

This is half-way between a half-tonneau and a spoiler. The line from the back of the cab to the top of that 3rd 4th taillight is...

wait for it...

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