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with the picture of the white pickup, from the front of the bed(essentially the bottom of the rear of the cab, they just built a flat cover that goes up at a 12 degree angle to the top of the 4rth tail light so kind of a reverse angled tonneau cover?

So the tonneau cover folds onto it self with three equal pieces. and a small strap to keep it unfolding while driving/ for storage.

heres the link: I can always remove the soft material and lay down plastic, or aluminum or something more solid etc.

Im not gonna lie I'll have to research the perforated base plates and spoiler thing for the truck. I am still really new and have some reading to do but would it be a fair assumption for the following?

Truck got 19.5 on highway stock, after level kit and 2in taller, 1 in wider tires down to best of 17.7.

first mod: Adjusting driving style-I already drive the speed limit +/-2mph and CA drivers hate it lol. Im OCD with maintencs for fluids, filters, tire pressures, etc..

second mod-
part A- Full tonneau cover-only expecting it to really help on long trips for 1mpg boost to be honest?

part B-Angled Tonneau-copying the orange diesel truck-1-2mpg up at best for highway speeds?

Part C partial tonneau cover- I'll start with 50% of read portion covered, then move to a rear wing on a DIY cab level headache rack? something sturdy to fill the gap.

third mod - Air dam- Big Dave and others discovered it doesn't have to go to the ground as much as it needs to cover the tires. he got .75mpg boost at best but I have the material so only my time is needed.

Do you have some links to the perforated base plate and spoiler? Im curious since I haven't seen it come up on my research for improving economy with a pickup etc.

Again sorry, im new to this and I kind of settled for what I could do practically and without going to crazy on the truck etc.
1999 f250 4x4 7.3l
19.5 mpg freeway- Newbie looking to improve!

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