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redpoint5 — They walk among us

sendler — mockumentary is not perjorative.

What do you guys think is the best way to build nowadays? Where is our fan of geodesic domes?
I stepped out to the store for a moment, Okay? It sounds like you took some sort of red pill on housing since #610.

Straw bale construction = vermin. With any luck you'll get Badgers.

Think about cob construction for walls. With generous roof overhangs.

First floor: rammed earth; 2nd floor hardwood with area rugs (no shoes); 3rd floor (cupola/observatory) shag carpet that runs up the walls.

Overhead, you want a hi-tech material like ETFE in pillows inflated with argon or dynamically inflated for light shutters.

What is ETFE Domerama

On to concrete: aircrete is cement mixed into water and Dawn dishwashing soap at 200:1.

Heed the lessons hard lessons of Drop City and the Red Rockers.

Steve Baer's Zomeworks is still around. Zomes are different than domes.

Any questions?
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