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Originally Posted by gumby79 View Post
2.0 may have been an option had I not found the 2.6 G54B N/A in the garage.
The 4G64 I mentioned as a possible engine for swap is 2.4L while the 2.0L one is the 4G63, which BTW has some good aftermarket support. I just haven't seen it in trucks, even though until some years ago it was still fitted to some versions of the Mitsubishi Delica van for sale in the Middle East (and those were also still carburettor-fed).

Counting the bus ticket to pickup the miny truck in Ut drive to Mt(405mi) then Portland OR (800mi), remanufactured Motor, webber mod, and purchase price , I'm into it less than $2000 so Ithink worth the repair cost.
For that cost it's still quite good. I couldn't find a similar truck with comparable capabilities for that price where I live (and since it's already 30-years old a similar one could be legally imported into my country, and maybe would still be cheaper than some local trucks).

This truck was goten as a reliable winter 4x4(sub 0f) and used to 4x4 in Utahs west desert(100mi from the nearest gas) were the soil is almost as salty as Bonneville salt flats , so will have salt rust shortly(alredy has cancer typical for age and regional os not so big of a dill )
Salt on the roads is not usual in my country, not even in the mountain regions where snowfalls happen once in a while during the winter. Salt mist OTOH used to be a serious concern in the coastline. But anyway, it might be still quite easy to repair it.

BTW maybe you have already seen this: Welcome to Ute Ltd - Manufacturers of Tough Aluminum Pick-up Truck Beds
As a last-case option, would you ever consider a flatbed as an option to replace a stock rusty bed on this truck?
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