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Just got in from the first night of working on the Mirage. It was pretty productive.

First thing I did was check out the cabin filter. Should have done it at the dealer! Oh well. I've seen worse. I cleaned it out for now and put it back in.

Next up, new shoes for the new set of wheels. I had these Sport Edition D5 wheels with Fuzion HRI tires laying around for another car I have. They'll suffice until a deal rolls around on some RE92s or Enasaves for the stock steelies. They aren't quite the right size, but they're pretty close. The tire is a 185/55/R14. I'll have to get some better pictures in the daylight, and clean up the tires. They've been sitting a while...

Last, but not least. Here are the tires that came off the car. I examined them to see the wear pattern. Both the fronts and rears show signs of toe in. They don't appear horrible, but could be improved upon. Of course I have no idea how often the other owner rotated his tires, so it has to be taken with a grain of salt.

Here are the fronts.

Here are the rears. It looks like the driver's side tire has more tread, but it really doesn't. It was just the angle of the light.

Current project: Adding regenerative braking to the Mirage
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