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Magic: the Gathering survived MT Gox?

They say that bad money drives good money out of circulation. Maybe it's the same with Youtube videos. ???

Rebar might not be appropriate for aircrete. (Maybe as a belt around the perimeter?) The mesh is middle ground between the loose fibers and rebar. Did you notice the braided mesh that would be deformable to conform to 3D shapes?

In the 1960s I saw a bowling alley in Klamath Falls, OR, which had the entire ceiling sprayed with asbestos. Possibly the last time the public was exposed to it in building construction. I saw a video of a building in Mongolia that had a spray-on ceiling that looked the same, made from basalt wool.

Almost everything about this volcanic province is impressive. The Columbia River Flood Basalt Province forms a plateau of 164,000 square kilometers between the Cascade Range and the Rocky Mountains. In all, more than 300 individual large (average volume 580 cubic km!) lava flows cover parts of the states of Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. At some locations, the lava is more than 3,500 m thick. The total volume of the volcanic province is 175,000 cubic km. Eruptions filled the Pasco Basin in the east and then sent flows westward into the Columbia River Gorge. About 85% of the province is made of the Grande Ronde Basalt with a volume of 149,000 cubic km (enough lava to bury all of the continental United States under 12 m of lava!) that erupted over a period of less than one million years. Flows eventually reached the Pacific Ocean, about 300 to 600 km from their fissure vents. The Pomona flow traveled from west-central Idaho to the Pacific (600 km), making it the longest known lava flow on Earth (the major- and trace-element compositions of the flow do not change over its entire length).

It's not like we're going to run out of the stuff.

Corporate needs to know, is this glass half empty or half full?

It's twice as big as it needs to be.

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