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There was a big sticker that said pending DOT investigation of tires sold on the trailers no longer for sale until further notice at the harbor freight closest to me so I was curious what more recent users had experienced. I only have the short bed and its not fun but the truck was 99.9% of what I needed and wanted and a 1999 f250 diesel with only 120k and totally stock for under $12k was a STEAL to say the least. But my wife is looking for a new car soon. Her 06 corolla has 226k on it and runs like a top but she drives 100 miles a day so im gonna make it my daily driver and find her a new one and we'll test a small trailer on her new car. She buys tables, benches, shelves from thrift stores and makes them into pinterest design stuff and does really well to say the least esp considering the cost of time, materials, and all. so a trailer would just make it easier on her cost of operation etc.

I normally move 1-2 vehicles, gooseneck, and 5th wheel trailers so all I can do is bring up the mpg with aeromods for now on the truck
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