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If i go EV, BigOil goes broke.

Ok, my garage is updated, my avatar is upload and my curiosity is big.

I live in Phoenix AZ and have two cars to my name (a third is my wife's)

One runs great. but it needs a break job I can't afford and it feels HUGE inside (like a Lincoln) so i don't like it and don't drive it. It was originally
intended to replace my dying car - the SkuttleButt. (also the seatbelt is
busted and I don't drive w/o one)

The other has been through hell and back -
The transmission leaks bad (i use about a gallon a week in it)
the oil leaks some (i use about 1/2 a gallon a week in it)
The back is banged up (a gas station safety pole rear ended me, it's fault - i swear!)
The radio is gone (hocked it when i had to make the mortgage)
and i can tell it's been in a wreck before i got it (doors line up strange to the body)

but hey... it cost $700!!

I surf the web, find a topic I'm interested in, obsess about it for a few weeks,
then drift off to some other subject of interest. This habit has given me alot
of knowledge in various subjects but makes me an internet Here-Today-Gone-Tomorrow

I'm an Internet Nomad.

I'm contemplating the cost and payoff of turning BigBen into an EV (see garage).
(i hate the car but having it elec would make up for that) and am hanging
around the forum until I either decide i can't/won't do it or until the project is

I'm a nice guy so don't hate me for being flakey.

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