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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
But the battery is really has a poor amount of energy storage compared to the weight. A Tesla battery weighs what, 1200 pounds? That's 150 gallons of gas or on the other side a Tesla's 300 mile range would only require 8 gallons of gas or 65 pounds of fuel in a under 30 pound container, under 100 pounds total. That's what makes a great mobile source of energy, lots of energy in a light weight.
It seems that Tesla has new, much more powerful batteries; both from the Roadster 2 (with 2X the battery capacity of their current batteries) and the Semi, with its reported 1MwH battery in a $180,000 vehicle.

Electricity is about 90% efficient, and it doesn't need to be transformed from liquid to heat to mechanical. And mechanically, an electric motor is nearly perfect, while a reciprocating piston engine is poor. Imagine driving a semi - with no shifting!
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