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I was looking at a common 4 door a Honda accord and it's 4 cylinder Vtec and transmission weight being 405 pounds. Add another 100 pounds in cooling, fluids, exhaust. Then the 100 pounds of fuel and it's container. 600 pounds. How does that compare to the Tesla S battery, chargers, inverters, motor, etc? Seems the battery alone weighs more. I know to add a 16 kwhr battery, controls, and motor to a Pacifica minivan with otherwise the same powertrain it's 600 pounds more. The battery is 368 pounds in that case and one of the best in specific energy at 100 Wh/kg for the total pack.

On the Tesla semi scale, a modern Cummins L8 weighs 1850 wet and accessorized, A class 8 transmission about 1000 pounds, and another 500 in cooling and exhaust or 3350 pounds. Even older semi motors, transmissions, accessories, only pushed maybe 4200 pounds tops.

From any of the estimates I see the Tesla semi will need at least 10 1200 pound packs meaning the batteries alone weigh 4 times the entire conventional semi drivetrain. That also means 8000-10000 pounds less cargo ability as many are pushed right up to the max allowed on the road, hence the need for so many weight stations out there.
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