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Since range is such a sticking point for EVs, especially with these big rigs, they really could benefit from a transmission, even if it's just a simple 2-speed DCT to switch over at highway speeds. I understand why they don't have them now, from a marketing standpoint, since simplicity, cheapness, and low maintenance/downtime sells in this case (especially for brand unity within transmission-phobic Tesla), but they really should include one when they make the sleeper cab version for the longer hauls. On those dedicated highway haulers where acceleration matters less than on these short-route trucks they might offset the cost/weight of the DCTs by nixing two of the four Model3 motors and adding a couple of differentials (still wouldn't have major power losses since it wouldn't have the hypoid gear). Maybe I'm being too idealistic, expecting too much from a startup poking its head into B2B, but the thought of all these huge motors running at unnecessarily high RPM at speed after pouring in current to accelerate with high slip just hurts my soul.

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