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Originally Posted by hayden55 View Post
Definitely do a full grill block. You'll be impressed/unimpressed at how much these cars don't heat up. I had a beater I bought and I idled so little at stop signs and coasted to lights so much I didn't realize until a year later when I bought my scan gauge that my radiator fans were never turning on. Even through the Summer in 90F weather!!!
And the grill blocks help against the two main things:
1. Winter air is more dense and harder to cut through therefore improving mpg more when you do the block.
2. The blocks should help to keep the engine warmer better. Especially if you have a problem getting enough heat built up for eff. and using the heater.
Because I used Lexan it's really hard to see my Grill Blocks in the Pictures. Like I said I'm trying to make the car look as cool as possible so I'm taking a stealthy approach with my EcoModifications. If you look at the Direct Front Picture where I'm talking about the Mirror Removal you can see the outline of the Lower Grill Block. It covers everything but about 4.5" where the Radiator is at. Now that I've been driving the car like this for a few months you are certainly right. I should have covered the entire grill. My Coolant Temps rarely ever got over 200F with Outside Air Temp ranging from 65-75F. This morning it was -4F and on my drive to work the Coolant Temp only got up to approximately 175F. I even let the car warm up for a while to defrost the windshield. I'm thinking I may make a small Lexan Piece to put over the small Radiator Opening that way it's easy to remove if for any reason higher summer temps start creating an overheating issue.
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