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Originally Posted by Daschicken View Post
Interesting, never heard of that bike.
It was supposed to be available only in Brazil, but IIRC it had also been available in some regional export markets. Well, maybe not always legally, eventually smuggled and traded for cocaine...

Not really a surprise as Honda has made a LOT of bikes.
Yes, and sometimes it's quite surprising to figure out about some models that were never officially available in our countries. Well, here in Brazil there used to be a monopoly of Honda in the low-displacement 4-stroke motorcycles market until the '90s, so it was indeed quite shocking to me when I figured out that Honda even made some small 2-strokes (disconsidering the NSR) in the '80s...

Honda did take this engine and retune it for better lower and midrange power in the hornet 250. They also dropped the rev limiter down to 16,000 rpm. I will consider gettting one
When I was in my early teenage I was quite obsessed with the Hornet 250, even though I have never seen one, not even with Paraguayan or Bolivian plates. Actually, I was more interested in its engine than in the bike itself, and had the willing to fit one into a beach-buggy instead of the more traditional VW aircooled boxer.

other bikes are at the front of the list, namely the CBX 1000
My dad still praises that straight-6 CBX, which had been available in the Manaus free port zone when he was single. Well, I must confess I'm not so deeply into motorcycles with more than 2 cylinders, but that one is still interesting to say the least, impressive how Honda managed to fit a straight-6 into a motorcycle.
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