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Originally Posted by Titanium View Post
I have a Class A CDL and I drive the big rigs 5 to 6 days a week. I have been doing it over ten years. I had a line driver I work with tell me a scary story. He said he seen a car follow a truck for thirty miles on a hot day and one of the rear tires blew on the rear of the trailer the semi was pulling. The tire decapitated the driver of the car following the truck. This story shocked me because I am a driver and it is a true story from someone I personally know who has been driving over 25 years.
I never heard of something that extreme, but I wouldn't be willing to try it...

Not all Class A CDL driver are good drivers. Some of these drivers weave out of their lane, tailgate cars like nobody business while hauling 80,000 LBS and pull triple trailers with the heaviest trailer on the rear of a set which causes it to weave like a snake while going down the road.
I'm well aware that some commercial drivers are not any good. Search for "quebra de asa" on YouTube and you'll see what some irresponsible truck drivers do in my country.

Many trucking companies do not maintain their trucks very well and they are running OLD equipment with BAD TIRES on the truck or trailer. Everyone has seen truck tires that blew all over the roadway. It happens. My neighbor was passing a truck two summers ago while a truck tire blew and it dented their car. They got lucky that's all that happened.
I have already seen many pieces of tread that detached from tyres. Even when they're laying on the road for a while, it may still be dangerous.

Following a big bus would be even safer because of the way the rear tires are mounted on the bus.
The fenders are also usually bigger on buses, so it may retain the tread of a damaged tyre more effectively.

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