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Originally Posted by arcosine View Post
I had a 1977 and 1978 Honda Accord CVCC. The only difference between the two is the 78 had a coolant warmed intake manifold and the 77 was exhaust heated. The 77 constantly got got 5 mpg better, 40 vs 35 mpg, though it would knock after a few seconds at full throttle as the manifold heated. On my sc1, it gets hot too, 220F, @ 60 mph, scan gauge shows negative timing, atdc at low engine speed and full throttle. It takes a long time to warm up the whole air intake, box, filter ect with the limited flow into the engine. It has a vacuum controlled flapper valve that opens to cool air at WOT, but intake has too much thermal mass and the intake temperature doesn't drop. I've insulated them and the WAI tube with fiberglass cloth. A muffin fan exhausting near the throttle body could pull in more hot air and warm it up faster.

How is the wink mirror at night, with an SUV behind?
My WAI will get up to about 80F within just a few minutes. It really just depends how fast I drive and how cold it is for it to get over 160F. Itís -9F today and the IAT wonít get over 143F @ 55 MPH. If I pull into town the IAT is staying at about 101F with waiting in traffic and going about 45 MPH. Iíve been monitoring the Timing on the SCII but the Readout is pretty weird. There hasnít been any drastic change in the SCII Timing Readout at all. Iíve read on here that the Timing Retardation wonít start happening unless you get over 300-350F. I donít know how true that is but I did read in a thread that some people out in Arizona (If I remember correctly) states that in the summer with a stock air box IATs would be around 180F.

As for the Wink Mirror I thinks itís an awesome piece. The only drawback is at night with an SUV or Truck behind me. I do have it aimed so I have to glance upwards to see so at night itís not that bad. Originally I had it aimed down and it could be blinding but itís not too bad. Keep in mind that my windows are tinted so it definitely helps. Iíd say if you want to remove your mirrors Iíd highly recommend the Wink Mirror.
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