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Like I’ve stated multiple times I’m definitely going Form over Function with this Car. After lowering the car I was thinking of something else I could do to try and improve my aerodynamics. I would like to make a kammback at some point but I figured Side skirt extensions would be much easier.

For my side skirts I actually went to Lowe’s and bought 2 10FT 4.5” Vinyl Rain Gutters. I considered using Aluminium Gutters but the Aluminium is really flexible and doesn’t SnapBack into its original shape. I was able to bend the Aluminium by hand. I could flex the Vinyl Gutters as well but they would immediately return to the original shape. I went with Vinyl because if I hit a speed bump or something I don’t have to worry about it messing up the function and form of the extension. I cut the gutters to approximately 75” in Length and cut off the forward facing part of the Gutter. This left me with and “L” Shape that could be screwed into the factory side skirt. I angled the rear section to match the contour of the wheel arch. After mocking them up on the car I removed them and sprayed them in semi-gloss Black. I’ve been driving the car Daily in snow and the Vinyl Side Skirts look and Function Great! I even had my brother follow me on the interstate at 80MPH to verify no Skirt Slap or Flapping of the skirt.

This has to be one of the cheapest mods I’ve done. The Gutters, Screws, & Paint only cost me $19 plus a few hours of my time. Also, fitting 10FT Gutters in a Honda Civic Hatchback wasn’t the easiest thing to do but totally worth it lol people at Lowe’s we’re looking like “wth is this guy up to” when I was making them fit into the Hatch.
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