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VX ECU numbers - The Leanburn Quest

Originally Posted by Joseph Davis View Post
Probably. I don't know off the top of my head, though.

The last three digits of the ECU part number would tell all, though.

I did more digging and found the answer, so I'll post it here.

ECU for 49 state:


I know there are many threads about making leanburn happen in a Calif. emission car but I'm kind of boggled when I read that there are several adaptors to make the 4-wire car into a 5-wire care, while others I've read say "add one wire, but make sure it's shielded" to the 4-wire loom.

I have lots of electronic experience and don't mind tackling the project, but don't really want to have to do more head-scratching than necessary.

If someone can summarize the simplest solution, I'm welcome to suggestions.

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