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Originally Posted by oldtamiyaphile View Post
I'd imagine the likelihood of a bus shedding a tread is much lower as if that happens with passengers on board it wouldn't be good for the reputation of the bus company.

I have driven passenger busses also. The bus company I worked for ran older buses, but the tires on the busses had very nice tires in great condition on all of the busses. My experience is bus companies transporting people are far more concerned with tire quality that your typical business running semi trucks are.

Yes I would say the percentages of busses having tires completely blow up and rip apart are far less than the semi tucks mostly due to the busses not running worn out tires in the first place. A good percentage of tires on semi trucks are not in the condition I would want to be driving on.

I delivered a load of new tires this summer to a gas station that also services trucks broken down on the highway. The guy who received the tires said you would be suprised how bad the tires are on some trucks.
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