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Well, he thinks he is, sometimes. But he's about 65-70 lbs.

His latest feat, a few weeks ago, was the discovery of the western porcupine. I've lived around the Sierra Nevada for maybe 40 years, and have never seen or heard of porcupines living around here. They were common enough back east where I grew up, but I always thought their range ended at the Rockies. So when we came back from cross-country skiing one evening, it was a real surprise to see a couple of long things sticking out of his muzzle. Thought maybe they were pine needles at first, but when I tried to pull them out, they wouldn't come. Took a closer look, and yep, they were quills.

So I got them out, but it looked like there was one still stuck in his tongue. So off to the vet the next morning. First time she'd seen porcupine quills, too. But she pulled about a dozen out of the inside of his mouth. That must have been a really fretful porpentine :-)
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