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YES, I confess

Currently out front on the street:
1988 Subary Justy, extremely rusty daily driver
1988 Subaru Justy almost no rust, running but no title
2001 Chev Suburban 3/4 ton 4x4 8.1 liter hauler and all-around gas hog
2011 Toyota Sienna Mom's Soccer van
In the back yard:
2012 32 pull along camping trailer
1980 20 foot flatdeck car hauling trailer
1950 Internation pickup box now a utility trailer
1990 Subaru Justy not running for parts maybe...
1991 Subaru Justy awaiting motor trans swap
1993 Subaru Justy awaiting motor trans swap
Enough parts to make up a 1967 Triumph Spitfire
1992 Subaru Vivio rxr

Do not even want to get started on the raft of cars I have in a storage lot in an industrial area.........
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